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Treattot Ball - Pet Sniffing Ball

Treattot Ball - Pet Sniffing Ball

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Product Description

 How about keeping your pet entertained and stress-free even indoors?

Are you tired of coming home to find your furniture destroyed?

Introducing the newest interactive toy for dogs and cats: the “Treattot Ball”!


The favourite Pet Toy of 2023!


The “Treattot Ball” is a toy developed thinking about providing moments of fun and interaction between you and your pet, in addition to stimulating your intelligence and cognitive skills Not to mention that it will prevent destructive behavior in your home when your pet is left alone.



Pets love to explore and discover new things, and “Treattot Ball” is an interactive toy that allows them to do just that. With its soft and flexible fleece straps, your dog or cat can look for hidden treats by pulling on these straps. Not only does this help keep your pet mentally stimulated, but it also helps them develop problem-finding and problem-solving skills.


The “Treattot Ball” also helps clean your dog or cat's teeth.

It is a durable chew made with quality materials and can be washed in the washing machine.

So if you want to keep your dog or cat happy, healthy and engaged, "Treattot Ball” interactive toy is a perfect choice. Order yours now and transform your pet's playtime!




Category: Pet toys
material: Fleece and rubber

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