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PurrFlix - Fun Swing Toy for Kittens

PurrFlix - Fun Swing Toy for Kittens

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Does your cat get bored easily and end up scratching the furniture or making a mess around the house?

We offer to you the PurrFlix - Fun Swing Toy for Kittens, a captivating and safe toy that keeps your feline entertained for hours.

We have four toy options to attach to the end of the bungee cord: the feathered caterpillar, a large dragonfly, a random mouse or a flower tassel.

The toy comes with its own hook with suction cups, meaning everything is ready for your cat to play with for a long time.

- Safe Material: Our cat toys are made with soft, feather and felt materials, which are soft and safe and pose no threat to your cat, so you can use them with confidence.

- Perfect Design: There are four different styles of animal shapes at the end, very cheerful and cute, which can attract the cat's attention, and a bell on the string can arouse the cat's interest.

- Adjustable bungee cord: The size of the adjustable bungee cord is 2 meters. The length of the rope can be adjusted with the buckle so that the cat can play comfortably. With a non-marking suction cup, it can be attached to the top of the door frame. The rope is very elastic, and the toy at the bottom can swing freely to attract the cat's attention.

- Healthy Play: This product can accompany your cat to play, let your cat run and jump to chase these toys, exercise its body during play, eliminate boredom and keep them healthy. They are the best gifts for cats.

"Get Yours Now and Provide Instant Fun to Your Kitty with PurrFlix - Fun Swing Toy for Kittens !"



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Package Includes 1 piece Retractable Hanging Cat Toy for Indoor Cats.

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