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SuperEasy - Soft Brush for Shoes and Clothes

SuperEasy - Soft Brush for Shoes and Clothes

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No more trouble cleaning your shoes!

SuperEasy is a brush with a dispenser and super soft and dense bristles, it is perfect for cleaning shoes, clothes, and does not harm the fabric

SuperEasy is super easy to use!!! Press the button on the shoe brush, and the cleaning solution will flow out on the item to complete the cleaning, saving time and effort.


You can store more cleaning fluid, no need to replace cleaning fluid for each cleaning, sealed design, no need to worry about cleaning fluid leakage, more convenient and economical.

SuperEasy is suitable for many places, for example, it can be used to clean bowls, basins, clothes, tables, walls and kitchens, living rooms, bathrooms, etc.

Don't waste any more hours cleaning. Get your SuperEasy Brush right now!


Usage: Household Cleaning

Material: Microfiber

Features 1: Cleaning Brush

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