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Nail Stickers & Portable UV-Lamp

Nail Stickers & Portable UV-Lamp

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Nail Stickers & Portable UV-Lamp


How about turning your nails into stunning works of art without the mess and hassle of traditional nail polish? 

Achieve vibrant, solid color easily, as if you just stepped out of the trendiest beauty salon. The best part? No drying time! Say goodbye to stains and wait for the nail polish to harden.

But that's not all – to take your nail game to the next level, combine our "Full Color Solid Nail Stickers" with our UV light, also available at The Oran Store. This powerful UV light guarantees a quick and long-lasting bond, giving your nails that professional gel-like finish.

Why choose "solid color nail stickers"?

✨ Easy application in minutes
✨ No drying time or stains
✨ Salon-quality results at home
✨ Vibrant, solid colors that stand out
✨ Long lasting with the help of our UV Light

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Upgrade your nail game today and discover the beauty of stunning, fuss-free nails with “Nail Stickers Full Color Solid”. Don't forget to check out our UV light at The Oran Store for a flawless finish every time! 💅✨



1. Smooth your nails with the nail file and clean your nails with cotton pads.

2. Choose the right size that fits your nails, peel off the protective films of the Gel Nail.

3. Place on the fingernails gently.

4. Use a small wood stick to press and flatten the edges of the nails.

5. Use scissors to cut off the excess gel nails, and then file the perfect shape with a nail file.

6. Cure the gel nails

7. Smooth the edges with a nail file.

8. Done!



1. Use a wood stick to lift gel nail wraps off your nails.

2. Clean your nails with cotton pads.



1. Please use it immediately after opening it.

2. Please keep it in a film container after use, and use a sealing strip to avoid drying out.

3. Please keep it away from young children, and avoid eating by mistake.

4. Do not use it when your skin has a cut.

5. The colors may have slight differences due to different screens.



Please store in dark, cool and dry place to avoid hardening due to the light.



Package Includes: 16 stickers per pack (UV Light, available for purchase separately)



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