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Anti-Lost Bracelet - SafeZone

Anti-Lost Bracelet - SafeZone

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Taking a walk with your child is only enjoyable if it is done safely!

What parent doesn't worry about their child's safety? When the child starts walking, the biggest concern is for them to run away from their parents, putting themselves in danger.



Do you know that insecurity of taking your child out on the street, not knowing what awaits you, whether it's crossing the street, playing in the park, or even going to houses with a pool? 

Danger surrounds us at all times, and as mothers, we know that just a blink of an eye and our children are already far away.



The big problem is that we see the news in the newspapers every day, but we think that those tragedies will never happen to us or our family... until one day it happens.

Any distraction you have, be it on your cell phone, a branch that fell next to you, a honking horn, or anything else, is enough for your child to be in danger.

It is important that he understands what is a danger to him as soon as possible, since he will not always be with you.


And what if there was a way for you to be with him and alert him at all times about the dangers he has just faced without putting your lives at risk?

Wouldn't that be wonderful?

And that's exactly why the "Anti-Lost Bracelet - SafeZone" was created. It keeps your child always within reach so that even if you get distracted, he won't be in danger. More than just a bracelet, it's a life saver, an educational tool.



The benefits of the Anti Lost - SafeZone bracelet are:

  • Ensures the safety of your child
  • Helps alert him to the danger he just faced without putting his life at risk.


Made from eco-friendly material, non-toxic, strong, wear-proof and very durable.
The wristband adopts oxford cloth and cotton material, comfortable to wear without oppression.
The velcro design makes it convenient to wear and take off, you can adjust the wristband as you need.
The inner steel wire is very strong and not easy to cut off, it's elastic and extendable.
An essential tool to protect your baby from getting lost, keeping your baby under control and ensuring safety.

Condition: 100% Brand New

Material: Plastic + Steel Wire 
Optional Color: Orange
Suitable for 0-10y.
Maximum Length: 150cm/59.06in
Wristband Size: 17x4.5cm/6.69x1.77in(Adult), 12.5x4.5cm/4.92x1.77in (Child)

Package Included: 1 Anti-lost Bracelet

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