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Cat Litter Poop Scooper - ScooPoop

Cat Litter Poop Scooper - ScooPoop

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Product Description

Do you love your kitty but hate picking up their poop?

ScooPoop was developed to do away with this problem.


The ScooPoop poop catcher is designed with a paddle-shaped sieve that makes it easy and quick to collect your kitty's poo. In addition, the cup attached to the collector receives the feces already inside the poop bags and, thus, they are sent directly to the trash quickly and hygienically.



With the use of ScooPoop you will avoid spreading hygienic sand everywhere using just one hand.



ScooPoop is made with sturdy material and has perfectly sized holes so clean sand can stay in the litter box. It is very easy to wash.


And it even includes one roll of poop bags.

Don't waste any more time struggling to collect your cat's feces. Get “Scoopoop” right now and make cleaning your kitty's litter box a simple and hygienic task!




Product Category: Petshop
Suitable: Cat
Include: One-piece cat litter shovel + 1 roll of poop bags

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