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FreshAir - Mini Portable Humidifier and Sanitizer

FreshAir - Mini Portable Humidifier and Sanitizer

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Product Description

Do you suffer from dry environments because of air conditioning or heaters?

Can't stand working all day in an environment that leaves your skin, hair and nose dry?


I'm sure the Portable Mini Humidifier FreshAir can help you solve these problems.



The Portable Mini Humidifier

FreshAir is small and easy to carry. It increases air humidity in small spaces and is powered by a USB source.

With the mini humidifier, you can keep the moisture in the air at comfortable levels for your breath and keep your skin hydrated wherever you go, including inside your car. 




 But don't think that the advantages end there. You can fill up your Portable Mini Humidifier FreshAir with alcohol and apply it as a sanitiser on doorknobs, keys, toys, etc.


The Portable Mini Humidifier is durable and convenient to use. It breaks the water solution into nanoparticles to be diffused into the air like a mist.

Try the FreshAir Portable Mini Humidifier right now and enjoy all these benefits in your environment and skin.



Product Name: FreshAIr Portable Mini Humidifier

Package Included: 1 Equipment / 1 USB charging cable / 1 Instruction


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