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PetCare AquaGroom - Pet Grooming and Bathing Tool

PetCare AquaGroom - Pet Grooming and Bathing Tool

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Say Goodbye to Pet Bath Hassles!

The PetCare AquaGroom is here to revolutionize the way you bathe your pets.


The PetCare AquaGroom is a versatile pet bathing tool designed to provide efficient and comfortable bathing experiences for your furry companions.

With a direct water discharge system and a built-in massage brush, this tool ensures thorough cleaning while pampering your pets.

The adjustable water flow allows for precise control, making it suitable for outdoor garden baths, as well as use in indoor tubs during the colder months.

The strap ensures secure handling and the one-handed switching button prevents wasting water. Fine, flexible spray provides ease of use and better control.

Direct water discharge system and gentle brush massage keep pet's skin healthy and reduce stress. Easily switch the water flow with one hand and adapt to outdoor or indoor showers.

- Healthy Skin and Coat: AquaGroom's massage brush and water flow system help prevent skin diseases and leave your pet's coat cleaner and healthier.

- Stress-free bathing: Gentle massage and controlled water flow relieve pets' anxiety, making bath time a relaxing experience.

- Year-round Convenience: Enjoy hassle-free showering indoors or outdoors. No more worrying about winter showers or messy garden cleanups.

Savings Guaranteed: Enjoy professional grooming at home, with controlled water and salon-quality results, saving you money.


Propose: Pet wash massage shower

Material: Silicone + Hardware + ABS


Package Includes:

- 1 hose (2 m)

- 2 adapters

- 1 massage brush

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