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Roll-n-Go H2O - The Collapsible Silicone 2L

Roll-n-Go H2O - The Collapsible Silicone 2L

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Ever go through the hassle of carrying a bulky water bottle throughout your day?

They take up a lot of space, and make your bag or backpack heavy, becoming an obstacle to the practicality and mobility you need so much. Furthermore, conventional bottles often leak, resulting in constant worries about potential spills and unwanted messes.

We present to you Roll-n-Go H2O - The Collapsible Silicone 2L - the smart answer to your hydration problems! With its extra-large 2L/64oz capacity, you'll have enough water to stay hydrated during your activities without the need for frequent refills. 

The best of all: after use, you can easily fold it. Just squeeze the air and roll it up to turn a large bottle into a compact bottle, saving space in your bag or backpack.

With its leak-proof lid and BPA-free food-grade silicone construction, you'll never have to worry about unwanted spills or unpleasant odors again. Plus, water measurement markers and time reminders on the bottle motivate you to stay hydrated throughout the day, improving your well-being and performance.

The Roll-n-Go H2O was designed with a silicone strap to make the water bottle convenient to use wherever you are, whether it's at work, gym, outing or even at home. The leak-proof lid has a removable reusable straw, allowing you to enjoy spill-proof drinking or swallowing water directly without the straw.

In addition, the wide mouth design makes the water bottles easier to clean the inside or add ice.

Transform your hydration experience: Get Roll-n-Go H2O - The Collapsible Silicone 2L right now and discover the freedom of movement and practicality it provides.
Enjoy the practicality of folding it and putting it in your bag after use, without taking up space or having to carry weight when you are not using it.

No more pesky bottles and unwanted leaks. Take it outdoors, travel, the gym and more while staying hydrated the smart, worry-free way. Take advantage of the promotion with free shipping and experience a new way of efficient and sustainable hydration!



 Material: Silicone+PP+Woven belt

Color: Black

Capacity: 2L/64oz

Expand Dimension: 12x27cm/4.7x10.6in

Folding Dimension: 18X13cm/7.08x5.11 inch


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