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SoleSilk - Silicone Socks Feet Care

SoleSilk - Silicone Socks Feet Care

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 Are you tired of dealing with dry, rough and cracked feet?

The Oran Store presents SoleSilk, the ultimate solution for women looking to restore the natural beauty of their feet. Our revolutionary foot product will nourish, hydrate and transform your feet, leaving them irresistibly soft and smooth.



Deep Hydration: Say goodbye to dryness! SoleSilk unique silicone-coated socks are designed to increase the effectiveness of your favourite foot moisturizers. Silicone creates a barrier, allowing the moisturizers to penetrate deep into the skin, providing intense hydration. SoleSilk works wonders to revitalize and rejuvenate your feet, leaving them pampered and hydrated.

Repair and heal: say goodbye to cracked and damaged skin! SoleSilk advanced design offers targeted relief to areas prone to dryness and cracking. The socks' gentle compression and silicone infusion help stimulate blood circulation, promoting faster healing and stimulating skin regeneration. Experience the joy of walking without discomfort and enjoy the transformation to softer, healthier feet.

Comfort & Convenience: Treat your feet to the ultimate pampering experience! Slip into the soft, comfy SoleSilk Socks and enjoy a spa treatment at home. Simply apply your favourite foot cream or moisturizer, slip on your socks and let them work their magic while you relax or do your daily activities. Say hello to effortless foot care and enjoy the convenience of treating your feet whenever and wherever you want.


Imagine the feeling of stepping out with confidence, wearing your favourite sandals and showing off your beautifully transformed feet. With SoleSilk, you can regain the softness and smoothness you desire. Embrace the freedom of walking comfortably, showing off revitalized feet. Transform your foot care routine and experience the confidence that comes with beautiful, healthy feet.

Choose SoleSilk - the ultimate solution for women with dry, cracked feet. Regain your confidence and enter a world of comfort and beauty.

Remember, healthy feet are happy feet!



Size: one size

Material: Silicone, Cotton and Elastane

Item Type: Foot Care Tool


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