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Stunt TurboX Monster Car - 4X4 / 360 Degree

Stunt TurboX Monster Car - 4X4 / 360 Degree

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Are you tired of traditional RC cars that require a remote control and lack excitement? Do you find it challenging to perform cool stunts with limited controls?


Introducing Stunt TurboX Monster Car, the ultimate remote control-free car designed to conquer any terrain and take your RC experience to the next level.

Stunt TurboX Monster Car is a self-powered beast built with robust 4-wheel drive and impressive 360-degree spinning capabilities, making it a powerhouse on wheels. Say goodbye to remote controls as this car needs no external guidance – it's completely independent! Easily navigate through rough surfaces, grass, gravel, and even sand. No obstacle can stand in its way!


- Unrestricted Thrills: Experience heart-pounding excitement as you pull off breathtaking stunts and high-speed spins without being limited by a remote control.

- All-Terrain Dominance: Conquer any surface with ease and explore new off-road locations without any external control.

- Durable and Reliable: Built with top-quality materials, Stunt TurboX Monster Car ensures long-lasting fun and countless hours of independent enjoyment.

"Stunt TurboX Monster Car Now and Embrace the Uninhibited Adventure!"



Type: Car

Recommend Age: 4-6y, 7-12y, 12+y, 18+

Material: Plastic

Battery: Yes (not included)




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