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PuzzlePup Slow Treat Teaser - Interactive Slow Feeder

PuzzlePup Slow Treat Teaser - Interactive Slow Feeder

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Do you care about your dog's health and well-being?

Can you imagine a solution that can transform how they eat and have fun?


Our product, the "PuzzlePup Slow Treat Teaser" will help you solve digestion, bloating and boredom problems while providing a stimulating and healthy experience for your faithful companion.

The "PuzzlePup Slow Treat Teaser" is an interactive toy that doubles as a slow feeder and treat dispenser. It challenges dogs to work towards their rewards by encouraging them to eat more slowly, which reduces the risk of digestive issues and bloating.

In addition, interaction with toys provides an enriching mental stimulus, keeping dogs engaged and entertained, which can decrease destructive behaviours caused by boredom.




- Healthier digestion: Slows down mealtime, aiding digestion and preventing potential bloat.

- Mental Stimulation: The treat-dispensing design keeps your dog engaged, improving cognitive skills and focus.

- Improves Cognitive Skills: Engaging puzzle design stimulates your pet's mind, promoting problem-solving skills.



Material: Plastic (PP)
SIZE - A: 23 x 23 x 3cm / B: 24 x 24 x 3cm / C: 22 x 22 x 3cm

Packing Include:
1 Slow Feeder Bowl

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